PetSmart, Chewy, & Amazon: Oh My! Why We Expanded

All The Reasons We Expanded to Retail

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Big news! PetPlate is now available at PetSmart and online at Amazon and Chewy, as well as PetSmart online. We are so excited to give pet parents new and convenient ways to order fresh human-grade food from PetPlate. Why make the move to other retailers? We have a lot of great benefits to share!

Bringing PetPlate to New Locations & Audiences

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Now, pets across the country have easy and direct access to PetPlate–even in Alaska and Hawaii, which are currently not available shipping locations for our subscriptions. Check out our store locator here to see if there is a PetSmart near you! 

We’re also so happy to be associated with brands that so many pet parents already know and trust. This means that more pups will get to try our meals + wow their pet parents with all the benefits we know and love. 

No Subscription; No Problem

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New customers can head to the store, or peruse online, and see all of the different meals and test out the different combinations to see which ones their dog loves the best without the commitment and investment of buying a subscription. Even better, if there is a retail store near you, your dog can go with you to sniff out all of our tasty options. 

No More Travel Emergencies


Since it’s difficult to fly with our FreshCooked meals (cough, cough, try FreshBaked for easy TSA access) you need not worry about feeding your pup on the go. Checking out a PetSmart near you for a few containers will hopefully check off one of those things on your summer travel checklist.

Trying New Things is a Little Bit Easier on the Wallet


For customers who have never tried PetPlate before, testing out our meals from our new retailers is a great way to affordably see if your pup will love PetPlate (spoiler: they will). But we understand that trying new things is scary and expensive, so this is a major reason why we are making our product more accessible. 

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Over here at PetPlate, we are so happy that we are able to give pet parents everywhere more accessible and convenient ways to purchase our meals. Whether you want to take a field trip to the store, add PetPlate to your Amazon and Chewy orders, or utilize a subscription, we are so glad you’re part of the pack!

For a full list of locations where you can buy PetPlate, click here. For our PetSmart Store Locator, click here.