Why Dog Owners Are Making The Switch To Fresh Dog Food

alex michelle schenker

This article was written by Alex Schenker. You can read more of his work at caninejournal.comloveyourdog.com and loveyourcat.com

Tell Us About Your Pup

We have two rescue pups. Bella, a 60-pound lab mix who we rescued when she was two years old, and Lily, a 39-pound mixed breed that we adopted at age 4. They are both full of love, enjoy dozing by the front door in the sun and going on hikes. But Bella is a dog with one primary focus – eating!!


How Did You Hear About PetPlate?

We heard about PetPlate on Shark Tank. Bella perked up and started pawing the screen.


Why Did You Switch to PetPlate?

We didn’t completely switch. We mix PetPlate in with their dry food. That makes it more affordable and leaves enough for both dogs to share.


Have You Seen Any Changes In Your Pet’s Health After Changing To PetPlate?

Both our pups seem slightly more energetic and their coats a tad shinier since mixing in PetPlate. But the biggest difference is that Lily, who is a notoriously picky eater, now not only finishes every bowl we put in front of her that includes PetPlate, but she literally comes drooling at meal time.


What Are Your Favorite Things About PetPlate?

We love PetPlate’s healthy, natural and straightforward ingredients. We also adore the ease of ordering, the option to delay shipments when we’re traveling, and how simple it is to store in the freezer and move to the fridge when it’s time for a new batch.


How Did You Start Canine Journal?

Canine Journal was an off-spring of Michelle’s (my wife and Canine Journals’ co-founder) website Fashion-Hound, which sold custom, handmade dog collars and leashes.


What Is the Mission of Canine Journal?

The mission of Canine Journal is to be the go-to resource for all things dog. From health concerns and food to pet insurance and dog resorts, we provide information to help pets and their parents live a healthier and more fulfilling life together.


What Is Something That a Lot of Pet Owners Don’t Know, But Should Know?

The importance of positive reinforcement. Dogs don’t learn from your negative reactions (such as shouting, hitting, etc. – they just think you’re crazy). Their event memory is short, so rewards (like giving a treat, some loving rubs, etc.) should follow immediately after they do something good. Giving no attention at all can be the most effective tool for managing a bad behavior, especially with a dog who craves love and praise.


What Are Some Other Cool Pet Companies You’ve Come Across?

Some other cool pet companies we love include: Granola Barks (for organic, healthy dog treats), Pet Insurance from any of our top 3 ranked companies, and FitBark (pet fitness trackers). We also make a number of natural dog products, including a homemade flea & tick spray for our dogs.


What’s Next For Canine Journal?

Continuing to provide useful and inspiring content for our readers.