Best Diet for French Bulldogs – Why Choose Pet Plate?


Finding the best diet for your French Bulldog is difficult. After all, there are so many options out there!

Unfortunately, many of those options aren’t beneficial for your Frenchie’s health. Some of them can even do more harm than good. That’s why, at Pet Plate, we are dedicated to providing fresh, nutritious dog food, made with your particular pupper in mind.

Now you can give your French Bulldog the diet that they deserve: freshly-cooked, healthy, and absolutely drool-worthy.

We’re going to discuss exactly what your Frenchie needs in a diet, and how Pet Plate ensures they receive the nutrition needed to live a long, healthy life.

Keeping Your French Bulldog at a Healthy Weight 

First, it’s important to keep your puppers at a healthy weight. Whilst a chunky doggo can look really cute, an overweight dog can be at risk for a multitude of nasty health conditions.

Frenchies are particularly prone to obesity and weight gain, so it’s extremely important that their diet be spot on!

Most commercial dog foods contain unnecessary artificial colorings and flavorings, along with fillers that offer no nutritional value. This low-quality food can contribute significantly to weight gain that will put your pooch at risk.

Luckily, Pet Plate is on hand to provide you with a top-quality diet that fulfills all your dog’s nutritional requirements. All the necessary good stuff, none of the unnecessary fillers. Formulated by our expert vet, you can rest easy knowing that your Frenchie is getting exactly what he or she needs.

Pet Plate creates personalized food plans that take the guesswork out of meal time. Based on your dog’s age, breed, weight, and lifestyle, we can determine your pup’s ideal portion size and calorie intake. 

Picky Frenchie? Choose a Food that is Attractive and Easy to Eat!

French Bulldogs certainly are characters; it’s one of the many reasons that they are one of the most popular breeds across the States.

Some of our Frenchies even fancy themselves a critic. These picky eaters don’t mind turning their nose up at most foods you put in front of them. But you can’t blame them for wanting the best!

That’s why Pet Plate stepped up to the challenge; we’ve already satisfied some very tough doggie customers with our absolutely delectable food! With four delicious options, your pup can try them all and decide which he or she likes best. 

Not only is the food we offer irresistible, but it’s also easy to eat and digest; an important factor when it comes to our Frenchies. Due to their flat-face, they sometimes struggle to eat certain foods safely.

Our soft food poses no problems, especially when served in the appropriate dish. If you need some recommendations for food bowls perfect for Frenchies, see here!

A Nutritious Diet Leads to a Healthy Coat

The benefits of a good diet don’t stop there – nutrition even has an effect on the health of your Frenchie’s coat.

French Bulldogs can be prone to developing skin disorders and allergies. Keeping their coat in its best condition is directly related to maintaining good overall health. Proper French Bulldog coat care involves a weekly brush, cleaning between their skin folds, the occasional bath, and a good diet. 

Our food at Pet Plate contains the essential fatty acids and oils that keep your Frenchie’s coat healthy, giving it a natural sheen and protecting it against irritation.

Remember, if your Frenchie is experiencing significant skin problems, it’s always best to see the vet to get the problem looked at.  

The Best Diet for French Bulldogs – Get Started Today!

If you’re looking for a French Bulldog diet plan, you can do no better than working with us to find the best food for your beautiful Frenchie.

We get to know everything about your particular dog, so their food is tailor-made. You will never need to worry again about whether you are fulfilling your French Bulldog’s diet needs.

So, what are you waiting for? The perfect diet for your French Bulldog lies just a few clicks away! 

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