Doggy Spa Day

When you’re stressed out, your muscles hurt, and your skin needs some TLC, you take time for a little self care. Whether you go to the spa or give yourself an at-home treatment, a little pampering leaves you looking and feeling wonderful. But self care isn’t only important for your health, it’s important for your furry friends too! 

Your doggo needs basic grooming to stay happy and healthy, so why not make it a special experience for both of you? Creating a calming atmosphere and pampering your pup through each step will strengthen your bond, while also reducing stress for you both. 

And yes, your sweet pup does get stressed too! They are constantly defending the house and sometimes even an exciting day out with their human can be a little overwhelming and exhausting. 

You love your pup, and you want them to live their best, healthiest life. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips to help you create the paw-fect spa experience for your four-legged friend.


Calming music reduces stress in animals just like it does for humans. Put on some relaxing music to encourage your pup to be calm. (This is especially helpful if your good boy or girl gets a little anxious about bath time!) YouTube has plenty of great options for relaxing music specifically for your doggos. 


The goal of this experience is to provide the maximum physical and mental benefits of taking special care of your pup, so take time to brush their coat and massage their muscles before bath time. Belly rubs are always nice, but a massage allows you to slow down and show your dog you care. Pay attention as you rub, notice what areas they relax into and what areas might be uncomfortable.

Begin with a brush. The repetitive motion of a brush is relaxing, and it also helps untangle any knots which will make bathing easier. After the brush down, carefully massage your dog’s muscles, focusing on the head, neck, and shoulders. 


Make sure you have shampoo specifically for dogs. Your Herbal Essences may smell great, but it shouldn’t be used on your pup! Choose a dog shampoo that doesn’t have harsh chemicals or fragrances. Make sure it addresses any skin or coat problems your dog may have, such as dry skin or a dull coat.


Pups either love baths or hate them. If yours is happy to have a bath, all you need is warm water, dog shampoo, and a calm voice to tell them how sweet and good they are.

If the bathtub is your doggo’s arch nemesis, don’t be afraid to break out the bribes. Use their favorite treat as a little distraction. For example, if your pup loves peanut butter, put some on the shower wall for them to lick. The yummy snack will keep them happy and distracted while you finish the bath.  


Be sure to finish the spa day by drying your dog thoroughly. Use a towel or a blow dryer (on the lowest setting and hold it several inches away) to dry your fluffy friend. Don’t be offended when you finish and they still vigorously shake off and act like they did all the work — it’s just instinctual. We know it was all you!