Canine Fitness Month

Canine Fitness Month


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April is Canine Fitness Month, and with the beginning of Spring, it is the perfect time to take a look at your dog’s fitness and wellness routine. A strong fitness routine centered around your dog’s specific needs not only leads to a healthier and longer life for your pet, but is important for their mental development, ability to socialize with other dogs and humans alike, and leads to good behavior. Whether your dog thinks they’re a professional athlete or a couch potato, here are some fun ways to work more activity into your pup’s day this Canine Fitness Month. 

1. Interactive Toys

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If your pet is more of a homebody or your home doesn’t have the space for running around, interactive toys are a great way for your dog to actively engage. Puzzle toys, treat dispensers, or more physical games like agility tubes are perfect for dogs to get their brain and bodies moving right in the comfort of their home. 

2. Dog Parks and Puppy Groups

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Dog parks are a great way to get your pup’s energy out while allowing them to socialize with other dogs. Introducing your dog to their fellow canine companions is a great way to improve their social skills and it can lower the risk of them developing any anxiety or aggression toward dogs in the future. Plus, there is no better way to spend a warm spring day than sitting outside while your pup pals around with their new friends. If your pup is brand new, and maybe doesn’t have the vaccinations or social skills to properly engage at a dog park, puppy training groups or puppy playdates are perfect opportunities for your new pet to grow socially and mentally while getting in some good physical activity. 

3. Outdoor Enthusiasts 

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If your dog loves the great outdoors and has the proper training, Spring is a great time to take them out on hikes. Most state and national parks allow for dogs to join their owners on the trails, and after a long winter the sights and sniffs your dog will have on their hikes will excite their mental stimulation and ensure they are tuckered out after a long day in nature.

4. Puppy Paddle 

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Swimming is a fun, low-impact exercise for dogs to enjoy from the comfort of their backyard orin lakes or rivers. As temperatures rise, taking your dog for a swim is the perfect way to keep them cool while allowing them to have plenty of activity. In the summer, it’s even nice to have a little pool to keep in the backyard for your pup to play in or cool off in after long walks or fetch sessions.

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While an active lifestyle is important for a long and healthy life for your dog, it is important that they maintain a healthy diet. Make sure to schedule regular check-ins with your vet to keep track of any changes in your dog’s health or behavior. This Canine Fitness Month, let’s celebrate our pups by giving them tons of fresh air and tail-waggin’ activities.