Responsible Pet Owner Month

Responsible Pet Owner Month

Responsible Pet Owner Month

February is Responsible Pet Owner month and if you’re one of the 53% of American households who own pups, then you want to show them all your love and be the best pet parent you can be! If you’re like the Pet Plate family, you show your pets just how much they mean to you through adorable accessories, mountains of plush toys, and stacks of healthy treats. Some pet parents show their love through luxury pet resorts, grooming spas, and fresh-cooked dog food. Others let their doggos know how important they are with long snuggle sessions and visits to the dog park. 

Regardless of how you choose to show it, pet owners are certainly more invested in the quality of their pets’ lives than they once were. In fact, it’s estimated that total expenditures within the pet industry totaled more than $75 billion dollars in 2019 alone. That’s a lot of money! Of course, there are plenty of fun and easy ways to be a responsible pet owner that don’t include shelling out a ton of cash. Check out some of these below: 

Commit to physical and mental activity.

Daily walks or other forms of exercise, such as fetch and tag, are key to keeping your pet in tip-top shape. Committing to daily exercise will keep off that excess weight so that your doggo can continue living his or her best life! Additionally, you must commit to providing mental activity too. Enrichment can be as simple as playing music or using pet-friendly essential oils, but you can also provide enrichment through fun DIY puzzle toys, interactive games, or obstacle and agility courses. Bonus points if you run the course too!

Stick to a schedule.

Our pets thrive on established routines and structure. They truly are creatures of habit. For this reason, your pet will do best if you stick to a daily schedule for potty breaks, meal times, and walks. While you might not be able to feed them, walk them, or take them out at the exact same time every day, do your best to provide structure in their day. For instance, if you always take them out for potty breaks first thing in the morning before you feed them, stick to this routine and avoid any switch-ups.

Provide consistent training.

Obedience training isn’t just for puppies or new dogs! It’s for pups of all ages. Make it a habit to provide consistent training through daily exercises at all life stages. Spend a few minutes reviewing basic commands such as sit, lie down, or stay. You can also introduce new fun commands like “spin” or “sit pretty!” Consistent training will keep your dog sharp and strengthen your bond. If you want to learn more about the importance of training, check out this Q&A with a professional dog trainer on our blog.

Keep them safe and healthy.

Pet nutrition is a booming industry and it’s no surprise why. Pet owners are realizing just how important it is to provide quality nutrition in order to keep their pups as happy and as healthy as possible. To provide their dogs with the best of the best, many pet owners are turning to Pet Plate for fresh-cooked meals made with human-grade ingredients, which are delicious and nutrient dense. If you choose to home cook for your pup, make sure the meals are complete and balanced. And, if you want to take all the guesswork and legwork out of providing your doggo with fresh-cooked food, you can leave the cooking to Pet Plate and subscribe to one of their complete and balanced meal plans for your pup.

Finally, to keep your dog safe at home, it is important to pet proof your house. Keep any wires or other dangerous items like cleaning chemicals, medications, or toxic food out of reach. Opt for pet safe cleaners and other home products instead!