Ultimate List of Dog Halloween Costume Ideas

Ultimate List of Dog Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner, and the spooky season is finally here! 

So, why not dress up your pup in a cute, funny, or spooky dog Halloween costume? Whether you have a small or large dog, or are looking for matching family or individual dog costumes, we have you covered in our ultimate Halloween costumes for dogs guide. 

Many of these costumes can work for any dog, no matter their size. Still, we’ve broken the costumes down into a handful of specific categories, such as dog and baby Halloween costumes and dog and owner Halloween costumes, so that you can easily find dog Halloween costume ideas for your pup. 

Large Dog Halloween Costumes & Ideas

For those of you with a big boy (or girl), we have compiled a list of our favorite large dog Halloween costumes out there. We think the large size of your dog will really sell others on their Halloween costume. However, many of these large dog Halloween costumes can work for small dogs too, especially if your small fry has a big personality! 


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Turn your dog into the king of the jungle this Halloween. Check out this adorable lion mane dog costume which is a realistic, fitted lion mane that is designed to fit medium and large-sized dogs. It also comes in two color variations so that you can match your dog’s coat. 

This is sure to be the showstopping Halloween costume your dog deserves. 

Bonus points if your dog happens to be a Leo! 



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Help your dog show off their wild side with this rawring costume choice. This bright green dinosaur costume is perfect for dogs who are not as fond of Halloween costumes. It wears like a comfy sweater and doesn’t require anything to be touching your dog’s head. 



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You think your dog is super. So, why not show the rest of the world how super your dog is? 


Check out these dynamic Superman and Wonder Woman dog costumes for some inspiration. It doesn’t stop there though! A simple Amazon search brings up all your favorite superheroes. 


81GvbAcUgwL. AC SL1500Your large dog already has the size, so why not dress them up as one of the most enormous creatures of all? Showing up with a shark to your friend’s Howl-a-ween party will be sure to make an impact!


For dogs that don’t love wearing costumes, check out this Great White Shark Fin that uses two straps around your dog’s chest to stay in place. 



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Giddy up pawtner! We just love this cowboy costume that features a cowboy riding your dog. This cowboy rider dog costume comes in a handful of sizes so that you can get the perfect fit for your dog. 


For a more low-maintenance option, check out this bandana and cowboy hat option. It comes in a variety of colors so that you can choose the most flattering color for your cowboy! 

Small Dog Halloween Costumes 

For those with a small dog, we think these costumes are pawfect for showing off your pup’s Halloween spirit! 



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Do you love a delicious pumpkin spice latte? Us too! 


This adorable puppy latte pet costume is perfect for your small pup. We think the included, ruffled headpiece makes the outfit.   



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The Ewok dog costume is an excellent choice for both a single and group Halloween costume. Whether you just want to dress your pup up or your entire family is dressing up in Star Wars costumes, this Ewok dog costume is perfect. 

Hot Dog




Your dog is sure to look like a hot dog in this fun costume. To take it to the next level, you could even dress up your other dogs or family members as condiments to compliment your pup’s hot costume.  


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Minions are tiny, yellow, and mischievous. This naughty and fun Minion costume is the perfect dog Halloween costume for the little, furry troublemaker in your life. 

Tiny Pirate


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Arr, mateys! This fun pirate dog costume is the perfect choice for your tiny pirate. Complete with a pirate hat and hook, your pup is sure to look the part in this festive dog costume. 

Cute Halloween Costumes for Dogs 


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Does your pup always put a smile on your face? This rainbow costume is a cheerful choice that is sure to bring joy to those around you and your sweet dog. 



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Is your dog practically an angel because they are so good-natured? This sweet angel dog costume with wings is a great pick to show off your dog’s tender personality. 



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If you’re looking for the cutest costume out there, this cute as a button dog butterfly costume is the one. Not only is this butterfly dog costume in fun candy corn colors, but it’s complete with wings! 

Beanie Baby




90s fever is back, and what is more 90s than revisiting the beloved Beanie Baby craze? This Beanie Baby dog costume is a great choice for a dog who doesn’t enjoy wearing a full-on costume. It’s still extra cute but low maintenance! 

Dog “Kissing Booth”

For those of you with a crafty side, try this DIY “kissing booth” dog costume. This dog costume can be made with a simple kissing booth sign or an upcycled box with a cut-out kissing booth window opening.

Funny Dog Halloween Costume Ideas

Disney Princess

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Are you a Disney lover? Then this is the pawfect costume for your dog. 


Whether you are a Belle fan or a Jasmine fan, there is a Disney princess dog costume out there for your pup. We think the wig makes this a hilarious and cute costume choice!


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Your dog loves greeting the mailman every day, so why not pay homage to them by dressing your dog up as their favorite UPS carrier this Halloween? We love that this UPS carrier dog Halloween costume includes arms holding a package. 



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The fun, tie-dye fabric makes this dog lobster costume pop and helps to turn your dog into a funny lobster for a night. This is an excellent choice for dogs that get cold easily as it’s a full-bodied, red hoodie sweater-style costume. 



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Everyone is sure to go bananas over your dog dressed up as a cute, colorful banana for Halloween. This banana dog costume comes in many sizes and has a funny headpiece to complete this hilarious look.





If you love Star Wars, this Yoda dog costume is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit. Your dog is sure to look adorable with the big, green Yoda ears! 

Dog and Baby Halloween Costumes

Little Red Riding Hood + Big Bad Wolf




Dress your cute baby and dog up as the classic Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale. Whether you choose to dress your dog up as the big bad wolf or Little Red Riding Hood, this is sure to be hit! This fun Red Riding Hood dog costume is a great choice for your pup’s part of this costume.

Beauty and the Beast


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Does your little princess want to dress up as Belle this Halloween? Dress your dog up as Beast to go along with her costume. Or, you can stray from the usual path and dress your dog up as Belle and your baby as an oh so cute little Beast.

Chicken and the Egg




Was it the chicken or the egg that came first? You decide! 


With this fun duo costume, you can choose to dress your dog and baby as the chicken or the egg. Make sure to ask your friends and family which they think came first as you go around Halloween night and show off your baby and dog’s cute costumes. 

“Up” Characters

Dress your little one up as Carl from “Up,” and your dog can easily fill in as Dug, the adorable, loving dog. For those of you that love DIYing your costumes, this is a great choice and requires minimal effort for your dog’s part of this costume duo.  


Mario and Luigi

Who doesn’t love the charismatic duo of Mario and Luigi? Your baby and dog are sure to turn heads in these cute costumes. We love this pet jeans costume that can help you assemble a Mario or Luigi costume for your pup. 

Dog and Owner Halloween Costumes 

Surfer and Shark

Surf’s up! This fun costume idea is great for the laid-back, chill dog and owner.  There are a huge variety of incredible dog shark costumes available that will add the perfect touch to your look. 

Bacon and Eggs


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Love breakfast? Then this is a fun choice for your and your furry friend. 


This bacon dog costume makes your pup look good enough to eat. This bacon dog costume is a bodysuit with arm holes to slide your dog into. 

Cowboy and Cow

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Cows are adorable creatures, so why not dress your pup as a cute cow to compliment your cowboy costume? We’re sure you’ll both have a roaring time herding up some fun this Halloween in your cowboy and cow costume. 

Beekeeper and Bee


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Your dog is ultra cute, so adding some fun stripes and pom pom antennae can only increase their cuteness. We love this bumblebee hoodie dog costume because it’s simpler than other choices, making it a great choice for your relaxed pup. Dressing up as a beekeeper yourself will complete this fun look and help the two of your stand out from the crowd. 

Chef and Entree


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This Halloween costume idea is a fantastic way to choose your favorite food and pair it with a fun chef costume. Your dog could dress up as a cute avocado, pizza, bacon, and more, or you could put them in charge for the night and have them play the chef in this cute dog chef costume


Whichever combination you choose, you can’t go wrong with this delightful costume idea! 

Family Halloween Costume with Dog

A “Super” Family


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Everybody loves superheroes. Let your kids and dog channel their inner super by picking out their favorite superhero to dress up as this Halloween. There are endless possibilities for this fun group dress-up. We especially love this Batman dog costume, complete with a cape, light-up collar, and leash. 


Or, you can do a fun twist on this and dress up as your favorite supervillains. We think this Joker dog costume is an iconic choice. 

Wizard of Oz


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The Wizard of Oz is a great group costume because there are so many options, from the Wicked Witch, Dorothy, Lion, Scarecrow, and the Tin Man, there is a costume for everyone. 


We think this Doggie Basket pet costume is an excellent choice for a small dog moonlighting as Toto. For a large dog, the part of Lion is a great option. No matter which role your dog plays, they are sure to steal the show!  

Peter Pan


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Peter Pan is a classic for a reason. Embrace this fun tale by dressing your family up as Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Captain Hook, and more! We love this cutesy Tinker Bell dog costume for a sassy dog. 


Another fun option is this crocodile dog costume which can pay homage to the crocodile that chases Captain Hook around in the Disney version of Peter Pan. Either way, we’re sure your group costume will be filled with laughter, fun, and just a touch of pixie dust! 

Mary Poppins


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Your family is practically perfect in every way, so why not dress up as the fun characters from the Mary Poppins world? There are many options for this group dress-up. Your kids could dress up as Michael and Jane, or Mary Poppins and Bert. The Banks are another fun choice for this group costume. 


Don’t leave your pup out of this fun group costume! Check out this adorable dog penguin costume reminiscent of the penguins Mary, Bert, and the Banks children meet. 

Scooby Doo Crew


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Ruh-Roh! It’s the Scooby Doo crew. 


This fun group costume is ideal for families of four to five. We recommend dressing your pup as the iconic Scooby Doo or in this cute Mystery Machine costume. Either way, they are sure to stand out and help you fill in your Scooby Doo crew. 


Bonus points if you choose this costume idea and your dog is a Great Dane! 

Reward Your Dog for Wearing Their Halloween Best

Amongst all this Halloween dress-up fun, don’t forget to treat your pup with some delicious treats. If your dog is a little hesitant when it comes to dressing up, a treat is sure to help them warm up to the idea too! 

Our delicious Chicken Apple Sausage Bites are organic treats with only six wholesome ingredients that provide your dog with plenty of protein. Not only that, but they are yummy, and the apple and pumpkin ingredients make this a perfect fall treat choice for your sweet pup. 

Treat your pup this Howl-a-ween!